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Hola Everyone!

Hope enjoyed your adventure through that whirlpool because whoa, it slightly altered the space time continuum.

This Friday, 3/29/19 from 6-8pm, we have two, yes Two, main events. In the Blue corner we have The Salivating, ‘Mad Dog’ Mike Snowden divvying up a vicious flurry of punches to the solar plexus of your wine palate, using wines from California.

In the Red Corner we have the low light loving but wine friendly, Bruce Anthony Turner, ‘The Bat’ man; bringing with him a group of individuals who run and represent wines from Penafiel (Ribera del Duero), Spain, Bodegas Resalte.

You’ll not only be able to taste an extraordinary line up of wines that evening, but you’ll also get to speak with wines makers and winery representatives from Spain.

I would gush all over these next few lines on how much I love Lecco and Resalte’s traditional wine methods using new technology, but here’s a little video that they made for you to see on how some of the wines are made and a little bit about the winery itself:

Join us for the Wine match we’ll all been waiting for! A match that will shatter and recreate worlds using 1.21 Gigawats!!

All this for $10 per person! Don’t Miss it!!

On to Sales….

Bodegas Muss Madrid, Spain – A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot aged for 6 months in oak. Nice and fruity, with nice dry tannins and smooth acidity.

Casa J price $18.99 buy online here:

Bodegas Muss Madrid, Spain

Bodegas Cuevas Jimenez “Ferratus A0” 2016 Ribera del Duero, Spain – 100% Tempranillo aged for 12 months in French & American oak barrels. Nuances and complexity of aging in wood (tobacco, chocolate or vanilla), makes Ferratus AØ (read a-cero) a round, contemporary and avant-garde wine in its style, with the necessary strength to consider it all a discovery of what makes wine, wine.

Casa J price $19.99 buy online here:

Bodegas Cuevas Jimenez “Ferratus A0” 2016 Ribera del Duero, Spain

See you wine cats when you get here!


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