Casa Jimenez

Wines & Tapas

Hola Everyone!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We not only stuffed ourselves but Casa J did too! It has consumed bottles of wine that has been put on the shelves for your wine buying needs. And I mean a lot!

Today the day of days, we will be hosting a wine tasting from 6pm – 8pm. We’ll also have a light tapas menu with boards of Jamon & Cheese, & Mama Mia’s Spanish style Tampa Tortilla. The wine tasting costs $10 per person to attend.

Please disregard any wine racks, etc that may be in the way as we’re restructuring the place inside a little. This in turn will lead to some changes to the business in the following weeks, but don’t fret my young readers all is not as dire as it seems. Stay Tuned…..

See you when you get here!


Andy ‘Ace’ Jimenez, WSET Certified
Casa Jimenez LLC
3838 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618