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Dehesa de los Canonigos 15mo 2009

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Dehesa de los Canónigos, one of those simple buildings of rural style, stands on the Duero river banks, close to Pesquera. The appearance of the building reminds that it has served as a farm for a long time and wine was here as a product whose significance varied depending on the social and economic context. The facilities, which are over 150 years old and have been already restored, still hold majestic beams and 80-cm-thick adobe walls, which are an excellent isolation system to reach the most suitable temperature for wine making and ageing. The winery, founded in 1988, consists of a set of small buildings which gather around a country house that still serves as a residence for Luis Sanz, the current owner, and his relatives. The white-washed walls, the low buildings and the U-shaped architectural structure give buildings a Basque air rather than Castilian, as if it were an old estate of flourishing past. However, the distinctive landscape speaks by itself: behind the cellar-home there is a leafy forest of Mediterranean pines that spreads out to the banks of the Duero river whose water marks the estate’s limits. The distinctive riverside vineyard stretches along the front, partly on a flat area and partly perched on the mountains. Today vine stocks are Dehesa de los Canónigos’ reason for being and wine its most important activity

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