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Bodegas Juan Gil Silver Label 12 mo Jumilla, Spain


Juan Gil 12 Meses Silver Label is a wonderful red wine from Jumilla prepared by the Bodega Juan Gil. Juan Gil 12 Meses Silver Label is a varietal wine made from the Monastrell variety, the variety which reigns in Jumilla.

The grapes come from a single estate of old vines over forty years old planted on soils of limestone and stone, at an altitude of about 800 metres above sea level.

The vines grow on poor soils, with very low yield, but ideal for growing Monastrell. The climate to which they are exposed is dry and very extreme. There are long and very hot summers with plenty of sunshine and long, very cold winters. There is virtually no rain throughout the year, so that the soil is very dry and rocky.

The difference in temperature between day and night is very marked, up to 25 ° C. With all these factors, old vines, extreme weather, no rain, the production obtained is actually very low, but very concentrated and of high quality, with lots of character which is reflected in the grapes and the wine.

The preparation of Juan Gil 12 Meses Silver Label begins with the stripping of the grape, before maceration in stainless steel tanks where the fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 25 ° C for 20 to 25 days.

The malolactic fermentation and aging, which lasts for 12 months, takes place in French oak barrels.

Juan Gil 12 Meses Silver Label is a red wine from Jumilla with character. A pure expression of Monastrell, the queen variety in this area.


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