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Hola Everyone!

Hey You! Yeah you over there…You ready for Easter? Bought your wines for this weekend? Well we have some Bad News and some Good News.

Bad News: Casa Jimenez will be closed this Friday and Saturday. So no Friday Wine tasting this week. Why? Because, I’m waiting for the Easter Wabbit. When he comes in looking so fwuffy and cute with his wittle basket of Easter eggs… BANG! Easter Wabbit stew. He he he he.

Good News: We will have an impromptu wine tasting Thursday 4/18/19 from 6-8pm.
So like that little bratty kid from that Looney Tunes cartoon that yelled, “I want a Easter egg, I want a Easter egg, I want a Easter Egg!” Make sure to come by and stock up on your Easter wines early.

See you wine Cats when you get here!


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