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Hola Everyone,

Hope your weekend was chock full of libations and I mean like a regular wine machine. I’m talking morning, day, night, afternoon, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine, wine.

How much wine is that?

A lot!

On to updates…..

We’ll be closing early today, Tuesday, at 5:30. Why? Because we got 20 sided die to roll kid, and tonight we’re in the Temple of Elemental Wine at the Sacred Pepper.

Join us this Friday 9/20/19 from 6-8p (We close at 9pm). This one will be hosted by a Xenomorph we captured. It should make for a fun time, you know, especially when we release the face huggers….. and that’s not all.

We’ll be closing at 5p this Saturday 9/21/19.

I’ll end this with a little nostalgia 4 days ago 9/13 was the 34th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. released on the Nintendo. How time flies, but always remember the Princess is in another castle.

See you Tampa Wine Cats when you get here!


Andy “Ace 1up” Jimenez

Casa Jimenez LLC
3830 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618