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Hola Everyone!

Click the link below to sing along:

I feel the wine explode
When we’re together
Taste sensation overload
In the palate its pleasure
Take it it’s yours
Into your arms
Never let it go
Don’t blind taste me I need to know

Tell it to my heart
Tell me this wine’s the only one
Is this really love or just a game?
Tell it to my heart
I can taste it and the body rocks
Every time I call your name

Join us this Friday from 6-8pm (We close at 9pm) for a community wine tasting. How does it work? You pop open a wine, no less than $15, and we put it on the bar and you share with others, but this also means that they must share with you.

We got new wines in like Quilt Napa Valley Cabernet (From Wagner) for $29.99 for example.

Now riddle me this Wine Cats and win a Free bottle of wine:

I was named after my Father
Birthed in 1990 with a vision problem that pushed the limits of a crew farther
I never look down I’m always looking out unveiling the past
Able to capture images that are vast

Who/What am I?

I will choose a winner on next week’s email.

See you Wine Cats when you get here!


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Casa Jimenez LLC
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