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Wine Temple Casa J Weekly Update

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Hola Everyone,

Quote of the Day…..

“If I had my wish I’d be out of this gloomy place right away. If I really had my wish I’d be sitting on top of a gooseberry pie as big as a mountain. No, that’s a bit greedy. I’ll settle for one as big as a house.”

Ergo the Magnificent, “Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision.”
1983’s movie ‘Krull’

On to Updates………

Wine tasting on Thursday 06/15/17 with Bruce Anthony Turner aka the Detective, the BATman from Hidalgo Imports tasting you on wine that was part of a cache going to Ra’s Al Ghul. Will this fermented elixir give you the same rejuvenating properties as that of the legendary Lazarus Pits? Will a Unicorn horn sprout from your forehead giving you a singing voice worthy of joining the band Josie and the PussyCats? Who shot J.R.? Is there life on Mars? Did you know that a girl with Green eyes is very rare? If not find out this Thursday, same BAT time, same BAT channel!! $5 per person from 6-8pm.

No wine tasting on 06/22/17 we will be closing at 4pm for a private function.

Wine tasting on Thursday 06/29/17 with Katie G from Johnson Brothers tasting you on some Fantastic little French wines. $5 per person from 6-8pm.

Casa J will be closed Saturday July 1st – July 10 and reopen Tuesday July 11

Wine tasting on Thursday 07/13/17 with Brent from Stacole tasting you on Spain and other specialities. $5 per person from 6-8pm.

On to Wines………..

Here is a list of the wines on sale this week until Saturday 06/17/17:

Tenue Rosado 100% Tempranillo Rioja, Spain – Not sweet!! This guy has a small amount of oak ageing giving it a full bodied bombastic flavor that is refreshing as heck, yet has the “omph!” needed with 13.5% alc.

Casa J Sale price $8.99 or buy a case of 12 btls for $66 (That’s $5.50 a btl before tax!!!) a freakin hella deal, with this heat? {Please, how many cases you want?} limited supply.

La Tribu GSM blend Valencia, Spain – 34% Garnacha, 33% Monastrell, 33% Syrah like the old Batman show, Pow! Bif! Bam! Sok! Blap! come to mind.

Casa J sale price $8.99 or buy a case of 12 btls for $66 before tax. (As mentioned on previous wine that’s $5.50 a btl and a Double Hella Helix DNA Strand deal grand prize winner!)

Bodegas Renacer Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza Argentina Sale price $7.50 ea ($9.99 reg) Get one of each and it’d be like having the Wonder Twins on your side!

Bodegas Renacer Malbec Reserva Mendoza Argentina, Sale price $14.50 ($17.99 reg) Oh yea so good! As if the Wonder Twins had a baby and…..wait no, no, never mind I ain’t goin down that path. This wine is as if Luke and Leia….I’ll stop. This wine is Soopa Doopa Cats!

I’ll end this with some words of Wisdom, “Don’t feed a Magwai after Midnight or else!”

Andy “Solo Ace” Jimenez
Casa Jimenez
3830 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618

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