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Hola Everyone!

These are dark times, dark and empty….

Wine Temple Casa J is under siege! Those who hold power over the lands of Hillsborough wish to see Wine Temple Casa J destroyed and conquered. Even now the infidels march forward with siege engines, wyverns, dark mages, and necromancers, who have built an army of creatures casting a dark shadow over the fortified temple. Dionysus’s hairy toes!

If you didn’t already know, we’ve been battling Hillsborough County on the changes that they’ve made regarding the intersection of Gunn Highway and Linebaugh. They removed a very important turn lane that was crucial for making it easier, in an already traffic hectic area, for customers to get to our small business. The removal of said turn lane has made getting into our parking lot extremely difficult, cumbersome, and dangerous.

With this our business has been heavily impacted. We thought that we were making some headway with a fix from the county i.e., bring the turn lane back, or cut the median to put a turn lane into our establishment. Unfortunately we’ve just received notice, that the county will not do anything. “Our Hearts go out to you….” said one of the county board members, in a very cute, adorable, I had to swallow the bile that came up kinda way.

I’m not Mola Ram from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom! I’m not in need of Hearts!! I need a fix to this idiotic problem!!!

Here’s the reason we were given as to why they would not fix this, “Blah Blah Blah, based on the analytics from 2007 (let me repeat that, TWO-THOUSAND-SE-VEN, we didn’t open until 2013 btw) that only 30 cars a day used said turn lane from Dale Mabry > Linebaugh > Gunn, and that by 2025 we project only 60 cars a day would use that turn lane.”

What they seem to keep rolling a ‘1’ on a 20 sided die and failing to grasp is that the intel does not take into account our business opening and the fact that WE ARE BEING impacted as a direct result of antiquated intelligence.

I am reaching out to you all for help! I’m afraid that if there is no fix to this we run the risk of closing the business sooner than you expect. Please reach out to these two individuals on the County Board of Commissioners, blow up their voicemail, voice your concern at the fact that OUR very own county (Even with the big push for more small businesses in FL) is going to allow, without remorse, integrity, or class, to put a small business out of business. How many others have they done this to?

David Garcia 813-272-5740

Mr. Damian – 813-663-3211

“The more you tighten your grip, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

Princess Leia to Grand Moff Tarkin – A New Hope

*** No wine tasting this week!!! Closing at 5pm on 01/12/17. We will have one next week on Thursday 01/19/17 ***


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