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“Hear Ye, Hear Ye! From Ace The Most Wined, Grand Acolyte of Vwine Temple Casa J.

A proclamation which states (clears throat – inhales – fails saving throw from choking, I rolled a ‘1’ ahhhhh!, <chokes on saliva> coughing fit, which triggers a sneeze in between, and I mean mucus bubbles coming from nostrils and everything, really nasty stuff. Clears throat, gulps wine from chalice, tries again):

Vwine Temple Casa J has undergone a transformation. In order to move forward we’ve had to make some changes:

New hours of operation – Sunday & Monday Closed / Tuesday – Saturday 1pm – 8pm

Casa Jimenez is an RWS, Retail Wine Store, that’s a little different. We offer light tapas in the form of Jamon and Cheeses from Spain and we have tables and chairs where you can chill and consume a glass/bottle of wine before you head home or start your evening; before the true adventure begins! XD

The sit down restaurant/service side of the business has been temporarily closed. It is available to rent for private events. The only food service we’ll have available, for the moment, will be in the form of pre-sliced vacuum sealed Jamon and cheeses. Which are also available to go. If you want sliced Jamon by the pound you must call us with advance notice.

Very soon we will be offering a list of wines by the glass (Wines offered by the glass may not be for sale in the retail store).

Corkage fee to consume a bottle of wine on premise is retail price + $10 which is still cheaper than restaurant or bar prices. (And is normally waived during scheduled wine tastings).

I don’t want to go on and on, so these are the biggest changes, for now. If you want to see some of the others, then roll on by.

Everything is subject to change.

On to Updates…..

Wine tasting this Thursday 01/05/17 from 6-8pm hosted by Republic National. We will be tasting, yep, “SPAIN BABY!” Faustino I and some Concha y Toro. $5 per person.

Next Thursday is 01/12/17 which is known as ‘The Day of the Burgundy Flame’ in the Month of Hammer, 976, year of the Unstrung Harp. When the Red Dragon, Don Pago Ace De La Tampa, fought with the Phylloxera Forces of evil and protected Vwine Temple Casa J from total destruction. In honor of that day we will be closing early (6pm) so no wine tasting that day.

Wine tasting 01/19/17.

We will continue our commitment to bring you our selection of the best Spanish/International/Domestic wines we can find at the best prices!

Casa Jimenez is our canvas and we are the artists. We will continue to work that canvas until we feel we have a completed work of art. We thank you all i.e. Extended Family, for all of your help and support. See ya when ya get here!


Ace The Most Wined, Grand Acolyte of Vwine Temple Casa J”

Wow this felt like The Empire Strikes Back!….join me and together we shall rule all the wine in the galaxy as Godfather and Godkids!

Casa Jimenez
3830 Gunn Hwy
Tampa, FL 33618
813-374-2106 (Best way to contact us)